The Wellness Resource Center

The Well

The Wellness Resource Center

Helping students achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle
The Wellness Resource Center

What We Do

Campus Norms

We use our research on student health behaviors to help guide our education and outreach efforts.

Recovery Support

VCU is proud to support students in recovery.  We believe strongly that students should not have to choose between their recovery and their education.


Students come to us for a variety of reasons. We are here to help or can provide you with additional resources.

Healthy Living

At The Well, we think it is important to take care of ALL of you- not just your body. That is why we provide education and services on a variety of topics that affect health.


Advocacy Services
Violence Prevention

The Well engages the VCU community in the prevention of sexual violence, relationship violence, hazing and stalking on campus. We foster collaborative relationships across campus to ensure a survivor-centered, multi-faceted approach to support services and primary prevention.

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Stall Seat Journal
Stall Seat Journal

We go post Stall Seat Journals in 1300 bathrooms on both Monroe Park and MCV to bring you the latest information about what students at VCU are doing to stay healthy. From low-risk drinking to bystander engagement, the Stall Seat Journal is your #1 (lol) bathroom must-read. 

College Behavioral and Emotional Health Institute
Pathways to Choices

Pathways to Choices is a free, online alcohol and drug education class. Visit Pathways to Choices Registration for more information and to sign up for the class.

What Students are Saying About the The Well

"I came into The Well a curious and excited freshman looking for an opportunity to contribute to the SSJ. I fell in love with the Stall Seat Journal before I even started attending VCU. Even before I started working alongside the staff there I knew it was a great place." -Malcolm, Sophomore, Advertising

What Students are Saying About the The Well

"The Wellness Resource Center is always one of those places in my opinion that makes VCU unique. As a Resident Assistant it is one of the main resources we spread the word about. The staff, and students that work at The Well have been such a huge support to many around campus and a great office to collaborate with over the years. I know that there is so much this office does and I can see them growing and serving even more, really making a positive impact here in the VCU community!" -Isaiah, Junior, Marketing

What Students are Saying About the The Well

"The staff at The Well have been incredibly kind and encouraging on my wellness pursuits, whether it is advocacy through Active Minds or my own well-being. Working with them and having personal one on one conversations have confirmed to me that yes - I want to pursue medicine and public health! I highly encourage using their resources and not hesitating to reach out to staff." - Andrea, Senior, Psychology


The Well's very own Malcolm and Alex are asking VCU students a very important question about alcohol. Do you know the answer? Check out The Well's YouTube channel for more exciting videos.

Perception Vs. Reality

The Well's Malcolm and Alex were out again during Welcome Week to talk with students before and after they experienced our Love 'N' Liquor interactive clicker program! Hear what students believe about drinking alcohol when they come to VCU and their reactions to the actual VCU statistics in the presentation.

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