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Welcome to The Wellness Resource Center (The Well)!

Sign for The Wellness Resource Center outside the building

Have you ever heard of us and wondered what we do? We are one of 14 departments in the Division of Student Affairs

Our mission is to maximize student success by fostering a healthy campus environment.

As part of the Division of Student Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University, we actively create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for students, staff, and faculty to explore their own identities. Through our programs, policies, and services we seek to empower the members of our community to advocate for social justice and equity among all people.

Our staff utilizes a variety of public health strategies to change behavior and create a healthier campus environment, including: educational programming (online and in-person), norm-setting social marketing approaches, peer education, policy advocacy, community coalitions, and individual health education. We are financially supported through university fees, the Student Health fee, and grant funding. We currently receive grant support from the National Social Norms Center. We are continually seeking new grant funding to augment our health education efforts.

Basically, we do a lot to help keep VCU students healthy.  

VCU students visit us to:

Chances are, you will find yourself in need of some help or support for you, a friend, or fellow RAM during your time at VCU. Let us join your RAM-ily and help make your years at VCU healthy, happy and unforgettable. Drop by and visit us at 815 S. Cathedral Place on the MP campus.

Have you Herd? RAMS "Herd Up" to stay healthy when out to have a good time!

It is no different at The Well. We rely heavily on our "herd": The many amazing campus partners who help us keep students healthy. Here are just a few: 

We are one of 14 departments in the Division of Student Affairs at VCU. 

COBE aims to cultivate a university experience that promotes behavioral and emotional health by integrating research, teaching, policy and programming. 

University Counseling Services offers individual, group and couples therapy as well as crisis services and outreach workshops. 

University Student Health Services provides outpatient medical care, immunizations and pharmacy services for VCU students 

VCU Police strives to provide a safe and secure learning, living and working environment at VCU.

VCU Recreational Sports offers even more than a conveniently located, high quality fitness facility with cardio and strength training equipment, free weights, pool, heated spa, gym, and racquetball. They work hard to educate and create programs for students that incorporate many aspects of wellness. 

Student Accessibility and Educational Opportunity (SAEO) assists students with appropriate academic adjustments such as program and exam modifications, classroom accommodations and auxiliary aids.

More about The Well

In 2010 the Wellness Resource Center received the Best Practices in College Health Award for the Clicker Enhanced Social Norms Marketing Campaign from the American College Health Association.

Classroom clickers

The Well is the home of the Stall Seat Journal which shares campus norms and resources as well as health education on a variety of health topics. This print media is posted monthly in nearly 1300 bathrooms across campus and has high student readership!

Logo for Green Zone

Green Zone
The Green Zone logo identifies faculty and staff volunteers with training about student veterans issues and resources. The Well is Green Zone trained.


Safe Zone
The Safe Zone sticker identifies faculty and staff volunteers with ally training about Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender issues and resources. Everyone who works at the Well attends a Safe Zone workshop.