The Wellness Resource Center

Sign for The Wellness Resource Center outside the building About



The Well created our #VeryCaringU logo to celebrate all the ways, big and small, that Rams care for and support each other every day.


To grow a campus community that promotes wellness as the foundation for student success by:

  1. Empowering students to practice safer and healthy behaviors
  2. Creating a recovery ready campus
  3. Fostering inclusive and diverse environments
  4. Advocating for systemic change


We strive to be a leader in collegiate health promotion by focusing on the unique and relevant health needs and concerns of VCU students to support their academic success.

Have you ever heard of us and wondered what we do? We are one of 15 departments in the Division of Student Affairs


You might never actually need to come to The Well during your time as a student. Chances are, you will see our team all over campus bringing wellness to you! Here are some things that Rams can get from The Well:

Chances are, you will find yourself in need of some help or support for you, a friend, or fellow RAM during your time at VCU. Let us join your RAM-ily and help make your years at VCU healthy, happy and unforgettable.