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Alcohol is the most commonly used drug, and that's no different on a college campus.

Perception Vs. Reality!

Within the last 30 days, how often do you think the typical student at VCU used Alcohol (beer, wine, liquor)?

When asked, most students tend to overestimate the frequency and quantity their fellow students are drinking. Knowing the reality when it comes to drinking behaviors on campus can help Rams make decisions about drinking based on what is best for them, not on what they think everyone else is doing!

Within the last 30 days, on how many days did you use Alcohol (beer, wine, liquor)?

Most Rams (71%) use alcohol between 0-5 days each month (The Well's health survey, Spring 2016, n=856).

What else do we know about alcohol use on campus?

Most Rams (72%) have between 0-4 drinks when they party (The Well's Health Survey, Spring 2016, n-856)

When it comes to drinking alcohol, we know that Most RAMS aren't drinking as much or as often as you might think.

We also know that 98% of Rams who drink alcohol use at least one protective stragety to stay safer like using a designated driver, eating before/during drinking, staying with the same group of friends the whole time, keeping track of the number of drinks they have, and Most Rams who drink keep their BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration below 0.08 when they party!

How do we know? Find out more about The Well's research

Do you know how many standard drinks is in a 1.75 liter bottle (a handle) of 80 proof alcohol?

In case you aren't sure, check out the amounts for a standard drink of wine, beer, and alcohol, or use this handy drink size calculator from Rethinking Drinking, a great website for tools and information to help you make choices about alcohol that are right for you!

Check out these cartoons showing rams using their protective strategies while drinking!

Text: Most Rams follow their guts and make sure to eat and stay hydrated when at parties.

Ram 1: Shots?

Ram 2: Nah, man. Seven layer dip.

Have You Herd?

Text: You can count on Rams to stay safe! Many VCU Students make sure they don't overdo it by keeping track of how much they drink. 

Ram 1: Dude, how many people did you even invite?

Ram 2: Nooooo idea. I do know I'm on my third beer.

Have you herd?

Text: Most Rams make the point of hoofing it home or having a designated driver when drinking!

Ram 1: So you're really cool with being the DD? That means no appletinis!!

Ram 2: Believe me. The only think I care more about about than your safety is my car's!

Rams in background: Dang. Is that a Ramborghini? 

Have you herd?