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Campus Norms

Campus Norms

Campus Norms

VCU Students are healthier than you think!

Heart logo for the #VeryCaringU campaign celebrating all the ways Rams support each other.

Welcome to #VeryCaringU! We love to celebrate all the ways, big and small, that Rams lend a helping hoof to support each other on a daily basis.

Are you lucky enough to have your own #VeryCaringU tshirt? Wear it the first Wednesday of each month for Wellness Wednesday and help us spread the word that Rams stay healthy by caring about each other!

Do you have your very own #VeryCaringU story? Something you have done to help a fellow Ram or a fellow Ram has done to help you? Use your story to help inspire other Rams. Use the #VeryCaringU on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to spread the word, or email us at ‌

One of our goals at The Well is to help create healthy campus norms. One of the ways we do this is by helping to show how often, when it comes to health behaviors, what we percieve others to be doing is very different from what is actually happening. Does this sound interesting? Learn more about the Social Norms Approach at the National Social Norms Center!

VCU students are healthier than you think.

Our work at The Well focuses on fostering a healthy campus environment so that students can not only succeed, but thrive during their time at VCU. We use our research on student health behaviors to help guide our education and outreach efforts. The data, and our interactions with students, help us know what areas to focus on to keep our students healthy.

A large part of that is helping students realize that making healthy choices while at VCU is not unusual. In fact, it tends to be the norm for Rams. Often, students enter college with preconceived ideas about what college life outside of the classroom is like. We are here to offer another view of what our students are actually doing on a daily basis.

VCU Students are healthier than you think! 56% work in addition to going to school, 94% did not have their academics affected by alcohol use, and 72% drink alcohol on 5 days or fewer in a month (The Well's Health Survey). 

November edition of the Stall Seat Journal

Stall Seat Journal Perception Vs. Reality

74% of Rams had between 0-1 sexual partners within the last 12 months (The Well's Health Survey, Spring 2016, n=856).

72% of Rams have between 0-4 drinks when they party (The Well's Health Survey, Spring 2016, n=856).

Cartoon: Even if your friends have red cups, it doesn't mean they are drinking!

Did you know? 83% of RAMS describe their health as being excellent, very good, or good. Did you know? Most RAMS wear their seatbelts, have never smoked cigarettes or e-cigs (vaping), and use protective strategies when drinking (The Well's health survey, Spring 2016, n=856). Want to learn more about your fellow RAMS? Be sure to read the Stall Seat Journal, check out our alcohol education, follow us on social media, or request a presentation!