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cartoon rams holding red solo cups with speech bubbles saying, Stall Seat Journal

Stall Seat Journal

Stall Seat Journal

VCU Students are healthier than you think!

Stall Seat Journal

Cartoon of RAM sitting on the toilet reading the Stall Seat Journal

The Stall Seat Journal is VCU’s #1 toilet paper! If you’ve used a public bathroom on campus, there’s a good chance you’ve perused our publication on VCU student health and wellness.

Stall Stats:1

We’re in 1,400 campus bathrooms… and counting!

90% of Rams read some or all of the Stall Seat Journal.

89% believe the stats they read.

Interested in viewing past editions of our Stall Seat Journal? Check out each year of our ISSUU so you don't miss a thing!

What kind of Ram are you?

Cartoon Rams saying,

Most Rams drink on 0-5 days per month and/or have 0-3 drinks per sitting.2

Stuff that’s stayed consistent year after year at VCU:

  • Shafer ice cream splats
  • 3 slow-walking friends in front of you when you’re late for class
  • Dr. Rodriguez, the Dean of Students, popping up everywhere on campus
  • Our drinking stats????

Actually, our drinking stats keep going down. Rams are consistently getting smarter, especially when it comes to the difference between perception and reality! 

Who’s “behind” the Stall Seat Journal?

Rams like YOU! Our student Think Tank comes up with ideas and gives feedback for nearly every issue. Many of our cartoons and articles are created by those same students. We’re super lucky to have writers, artists and brainstormers who also go into the stalls and put up 1400 copies every month. Even our non-student graphic designer is a VCUarts alum!

But why?

To improve students’ lives. We publish whatever we think will help students be their well-est selves. We use surveys to find the issues students care about the most. (Stress, anxiety and sleep are the top three things students report as affecting academic performance this year, for instance.)

We don’t want to tell anyone what to do, and we definitely don’t want to shame anyone for what they do! Instead we use survey data to show students what they’re already doing-- and it’s usually healthier than you might think. Contrary to many media depictions of college, plenty of Rams make healthy choices with their drinking, and we want to show you you’re not alone. On the flipside, if you don’t see yourself reflected in our stats and are concerned about your drinking (or a friend’s), we’re here with non-judgmental help! 

Who pays for all these "toilet papers"?

We get a grant from the NSNC to help reduce the harm caused by alcohol use on campus. The philosophy of harm reduction involves meeting people where they’re at and helping them improve their lives from there. But we can’t focus on alcohol every month! Our funding sometimes comes from other various sources around the university. We’re very proud to publish an MCV Campus edition sponsored by the Graduate and Professional Student Programming Board and the SGA and aimed at providing graduate and professional Rams with the tools they need to succeed in school and their careers. 

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For decades researchers have persistently shown that college students over-estimate how much and how often their peers drink alcohol. The Theory of Misperception and the Social Norms Approach strategy related to it have demonstrated that students overestimate alcohol use by others, and if misperceptions are corrected, then alcohol consumption will be lowered and harm will be reduced.

Students and staff at the Well work hard to tell the truth about VCU student’s behavior in order to reduce common misperceptions and grow health behaviors.

Each month, the Well team posts nearly 1,400 Stall Seat Journals (SSJ) in bathrooms across both Monroe Park and MCV campuses. Many of those Stall Seat Journals include statistics about VCU students collected from our online health survey conducted in the spring of even years and our UCelebrate survey conducted every year.

Do the statistics used in VCU's Stall Seat Journal have an effect on behavior?

Learn more on our Research page!

Interested in our data? Email to learn more. 

 1 The Well's Health Survey, Spring 2018, n=986

 2 The Well's UCelebrate Survey, Spring 2018, n=626