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The Wellness Resource Center's Health Research

Between 2002-2012, the health behaviors and needs of VCU students have been assessed each spring using the American College Health Association’s National College Health Assessment. In 2012, we began conducting the assessment every other year. Since 2008, the online version of this standardized instrument has been emailed to approximately 5,000 students randomly selected from the Registrar’s enrollment lists, which includes freshmen through graduate students. Response rates typically are between 17 - 37% and sample sizes typically range between 850-1,800. Prior to 2008, pen and pencil versions were used in randomly-selected classrooms. Each year, The Well obtains permission from the VCU Institutional Review Board to continue this project. 

Description of Research Instrument

VCU uses the American College Health Association's-National College Health Assessment which collects data about college students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. This tool was developed by an interdisciplinary team of college health professionals.

More than 825,000 students at 550+ colleges and universities across the country have already taken the survey. This 65 item online instrument covers a wide variety of health topics pertinent to the success of college students:

  • Health education, personal safety, violence, relationship issues
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use
  • Sexual health and contraception
  • Weight, nutrition, and exercise
  • General health behaviors – immunizations, routine exams, sleep
  • Mental health and stress
  • Impediments to academic success
  • Demographic variables including- work hours, volunteer hours, participation in campus groups etc.

Please contact if you are interested in learning more about our research.