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90% of students read some or all of the Stall Seat Journals.

The Well's Health Survey, Spring 2016, n=856

Do you use the bathroom at VCU?

If so, you have probably read The Well's signature publication- The Stall Seat Journal. We go (pun intended) in 1300 bathrooms on both Monroe Park and MCV Campuses to bring you the latest information about what students at VCU are doing to stay healthy. From low-risk drinking to bystander engagement, the Stall Seat Journal is your #1 (lol) bathroom must-read.

Do you love the Stall Seat Journal?

Do you have a great story about what the Stall Seat Journal means to you? Are you an upper-class VCU student who wants to share words of wisdom to your younger self? Email with your Stall Seat story or notes to your younger self and you may be featured in an upcoming edition!

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May 2018 Edition of the Stall Seat Journal on a legacy of care left by Linda Hancock, former Director of The Well who retired

A Legacy of Care

Linda started the Stall Seat, and it’s up to all of us to continue her legacy of care. After 30 years at VCU, Dr. Linda Hancock retired May 1st, and feels totally confident that the students who’ve always made the Stall Seat great will be here to keep it going. We caught up with Linda for some parting words.

What’s essential for Rams to know?

“That they’re okay. They are awesome human beings. Nobody knows everything. We all learn by failure. I see them all as amazing genetic snowflakes — each one has something to offer that nobody else does.”

What do you wish you’d done more of?

“I would have taught faculty members mindfulness. I wish I’d encouraged them to be vulnerable and honest with students about how hard things have been for them in the past (and still are). Students think faculty have it all together. I’m 62. Nobody has it all together.”

What do Rams need to know as they graduate?

“Transitions are hard. Be gentle with yourself. It’s just the next great adventure! You will work, you will do something. People don’t sit on the couch forever. Do what’s important to you so that your life has meaning. Try not to worry about how much money you’ll make and do not worry at all about the prestige. Focus on what you love and have to offer.”

One of Linda’s life rules is...
Nothing about us without us!

“If you want to reach students, you have to work with students. Students know how to reach students. Students know a ton. That’s why the Stall Seat is so cool. We always work with students.”

Students are why the Stall Seat has always been popular. We have writers, artists and brainstormers who also go into the stalls and put up 1300 copies every month. Shoutout to our Think Tank!

Be a Bathroom Buddy!
We want to hear from YOU about life at VCU, feedback on the Stall Seat, ideas for upcoming editions, and artwork or short articles for consideration. Email with the subject line “Stall Seat Journal.”

Stall Stats

90% of Rams read all or some of the SSJ each month (The Well’s Health Survey, 2016 (n=856) and 2018 (n=986)).

89% of Rams believe the statistics in the Stall Seat (The Well’s UCelebrate Survey, 2017 (n=669)).

Ever wonder where we get our stats?
We do a survey once a year on student celebration habits, and once every two years on student health. The surveys are anonymous and Rams are randomly selected by email to take part.
We love our skeptics! Have questions about our data? Visit or email

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Note: Special thanks to Nina Schroder from University Counseling Services for her input into the development of our April edition. 

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One student loves the Stall Seat Journal so much they decorated a wall in their new living space with past editions.


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