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90% of students read some or all of the Stall Seat Journals.

The Well's Health Survey, Spring 2016, n=856

Do you use the bathroom at VCU?

If so, you have probably read The Well's signature publication- The Stall Seat Journal. We go (pun intended) in 1300 bathrooms on both Monroe Park and MCV Campuses to bring you the latest information about what students at VCU are doing to stay healthy. From low-risk drinking to bystander engagement, the Stall Seat Journal is your #1 (lol) bathroom must-read.

Do you love the Stall Seat Journal?

Do you have a great story about what the Stall Seat Journal means to you? Are you an upper-class VCU student who wants to share words of wisdom to your younger self? Email with your Stall Seat story or notes to your younger self and you may be featured in an upcoming edition!

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June 2018 edition of the Stall Seat Journal on the required Not Anymore training for incoming students.

Rams love...

  • Late night cookies
  • Sleeping in on the weekends
  • Relaxing on the Cabell Library lawn
  • Hanging out by the James River
  • Supporting each other in tough times
  • Eating at food trucks
  • Going to concerts and festivals
  • Exercising at Cary St. Gym

Choose Your Adventure!

Want to go biking, hiking, kayaking or even caving? Every week this summer the VCU Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP) runs free and inexpensive weekly activities to get students adventuring off campus. Gear, guides and transportation are provided. Whether you want to recharge from a busy semester, meet new people, have fun while exercising or break your normal routine, this is for you! Visit

Rams Love Supporting Each Other In Tough Times.

Over half of Rams have had a friend or loved one disclose that they had been sexually assaulted.* It’s likely that during your time at VCU, you’ll have a chance to help someone who’s been impacted. Here are a few tips:

  1. Help end sexual violence! Join Students Advocating Violence Education and Support (SAVES) by emailing
  2. Worried about you or a friend? Contact a confidential advocate about sexual or dating violence, stalking or hate-motivated violence at
  3. Learn more ways to make our campus safer.
  4. Take the Required Training! All VCU students must take the online “Not Anymore” course before their first semester here. New students need to complete it before August 17. Help us maintain a culture of care and support! It’s part of being a good “Ramily” member. For more info and FAQs about Title IX at VCU, visit Finished the training before July 30? You’ll automatically be entered to win one of five Amazon gift cards!

For a login tutorial: 

 What Rams say about Not Anymore

“This training is important because even if you do not experience these things yourself, you will have the knowledge to identify and help others who may be struggling with these issues.” — Leighanne, Senior

“It’s information that you may not think you need but some unexpected things can happen while in college and it’s good to be prepared.” — Emily, Junior

“It’s good to take because they talk about things I didn’t think about.” — Anonymous Student

“Embrace this as a right of passage into our community.” — Victor, Senior

“Think about the people you’ll be able to help if you take this time to educate yourself!” — Malcolm, Senior

COBE Corner 

At VCU we support each other! The vast majority of students report having someone available most or all of the time who can give advice about a crisis (71% of respondents) and who they can confide in or talk to about problems (74% of respondents). Source: S4S Survey, Cohorts 1 – 4 (2011 – 2014). COBE brings Spit for Science research to the public.
Visit or VCU COBE on Facebook. *VCU Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Violence and Bystander Intervention, Fall 2017 (n=855)


June 2018 Stall Seat featuring August 2018 Welcome Week events

2018 Welcome Week at Virginia Commonwealth University, August 18-26

Feeling Overwhelmed? Download the VCU RAM Guide from the Apple or Google Play app stores and search for VCU Welcome Week. Personalize your schedule, view maps and stay up-to-date on the latest info.

Welcome Week Highlights

See VCU RAM Guide app for time & location.

  • Sun. 19 - Entertainment Night Hypnotist! Inflatables! Giveaways!
  • Mon. 20 - Water Wars & Rec Sports Night Water! Sports! Demos!
  • Tue. 21 - Convocation, Spirit Walk & Monroe Park Campus Block Party Spirit! Fun! Food!
  • Wed. 22 - Residential Life & Housing House Calls Housewarming meet-and-greet!
  • Thu. 23 - MCV Campus Block Party Music! Lawn games! Food trucks!
  • Fri. 24 - Student Organization Fair & Food Truck-a-palooza Student orgs! More food trucks!

Check Us Out Online! /vcuwelcomeweek on Facebook @vcuwelcomeweek on Twitter on the web by email. 

Swipe for Free Tuition Students will swipe their VCU IDs at Welcome Week events, which will enter them for a chance to win prizes at the Student Organization Fair on Friday, August 24. Swipe at 10 events (two of each of the five categories) for a chance to win the Grand Prize: one semester of free undergrad in-state tuition!*

Hunt to Win! VCU’s Division of Student Affairs has many locations on campus with the common purpose of serving you! Get to know us with the VCU DSA Scavenger Hunt on Mon. Aug. 20, 11 a.m.- 2 p.m. Get the VCU RAM Guide app in the App Store or Google Play, then download VCU Insider to access a map with locations where you will unlock clues and win prizes: 10 for a giveaway item, 15 for a t-shirt, and all 20 to win a grand prize!

Herd Up! Rams stick together to stay safer. 95% of Rams who drink watch out for the safety of their friends.** 90% of Rams who drink stick with the same friends while partying.***

Love ’n’ Liquor

Join us for sessions of polling, comedy and music that explores the truth about sexual health and substances at VCU. First year RAs will be bringing their halls. All students are welcome. Visit for more info.

Rams in Recovery

Are you or a loved one in recovery from addiction? There are tons of recovery events on campus year round. Learn more at

*Free tuition is based on the full time in-state tuition rate and is awarded in the spring semester 2019. If the prize winner is enrolled less than full time, the award will be based on the number of hours enrolled and awarded at the in-state rate. As with all financial aid, the award may be adjusted if the prize winner exceeds financial need or cost of attendance.

**The Well’s UCelebrate Survey, 2017 (n=669)

***The Well’s Health Survey, 2018 (n=986)

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