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90% of students read some or all of the Stall Seat Journals.

The Well's Health Survey, Spring 2016, n=856

Do you love the Stall Seat Journal? Do you have a great story about what the Stall Seat Journal means to you? Are you an upper-class VCU student who wants to share words of wisdom to your younger self? Email with your Stall Seat story or notes to your younger self and you may be featured in an upcoming edition!

Haven't had a chance to use the bathroom on campus yet this month? Check out our latest edition February 2018 Stall Seat Journal hanging out in a Stall near you. 

February 2018 edition of the Stall Seat Journal on self-care, body image, and ways to love your body.


Don't have time to read the Stall Seat Journal? Check out the Stall Seat Quicky brought to you by Malcolm from The Well! For more videos and updates, head to our YouTube channel. You can also catch our Stall Seat Quickies on WVCW.

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Do you use the bathroom at VCU? If so, you have probably read The Well's signature publication- The Stall Seat Journal. We go (pun intended) in 1300 bathrooms on both Monroe Park and MCV to bring you the latest information about what students at VCU are doing to stay healthy. From low-risk drinking to bystander engagement, the Stall Seat Journal is your #1 (lol) bathroom must-read.  

Have you ever wished you could have your very own Stall Seat Journal to decorate your space? No need to try and find a way to sneak it out of the stalls! Follow our social media for details on Stall Seat Journal give-aways and how you can snag your favorite edition! Check out how one student has used their favorite Stall Seats to decorate their new living space!

One student loves the Stall Seat Journal so much they decorated a wall in their new living space with past editions.

May 2017 Stall Seat Journal Edition 1

View past editions of the Stall Seat Journal by choosing the school year below. You can also check out our brand-new 2017 MCV Campus Special Edition that was posted in September!